Welcoming February with good thoughts

We create with our consciousness. What we think about, pay attention to, focus on, and choose to believe...whatever goes on in our mind, is what becomes our reality.” 

 -Anthony St. Maarten

With a collective sigh of relief we say goodbye to the longest January ever. Kidding aside, it’s not that days were added to the calendar but it’s the relative boredom that we feel after a month of merrymaking in  December that makes the first month of the year seem unbearably slow and long. 

January is all about psychological and physical reset. Like all new beginnings, January sets the pace of how healthy, happy and optimistic we will be in 2024. 

I recently stumbled upon Revive Self Talk, a Spotify channel that features affirmations, positive autosuggestions (or mantra if you will) to bring about positive change into your life. I call it systematic brainwashing to replace all the embedded negative self talk  with nurturing, inspiring mindset. I’m a big believer in the thoughts become things phenomena. What we think of most of the time manifests in due time  into physical reality so we must be careful of what we think about. Clearing our mental cache of everything that does not serve us physically, mentally and spiritually takes time and it usually takes 21 days to acquire new habits or absorb new thought patterns. Starting and ending our day with positive self-talk is like starting a new year. January is a trial period so February is all about real, meaningful reset.

My fave affirmations from the channel are these potentially life-changing thoughts that bring us back to our divine nature:

“My eyes are God’s eyes.”
“My mind is God’s mind.”
“My body is God’s temple.”

Everything starts and ends with God.That may just be the best life compass we will ever need. 

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