Art and Archetypes: A camera story

My first camera was a Fujifilm Finepix point and shoot type that my uncle from the States gave me. The nifty little thing started my love of taking photos of everything and anything, saving the decent ones for my scrapbook (printing photos into 4R was a thing back then) and for my fledgling first blog on on Pyra Labs (now Blogger). My Finepix camera had a good run and  one day it just decided to conk out due to overuse. Nowadays I own a Fujifilm X-T100, a mirrorless model that takes the best features of a DSLR and a point and shoot camera. It's not as complicated as a DSLR but allows you to get as creative as you want.

I love images and I love thought provoking quotes. I hate the idea of flooding Instagram and Facebook with photos and cheesy quotations so I started this photoblog eons ago to indulge my predilection for introspection and reflection. I could get seriously spaced out on a beautiful scenery. 

It's only recently that I revived this photoblog as I have too many photos to filter and throw away. The better ones will make it here.

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