Brews and Bites in the neighborhood

Sometimes the coziest cafes can be found right in your own neighborhood! That’s the case of Brews and Bites located at MV Hechanova just along the highway, a few steps away from the landmark 7/11 in Gran Plains. This cafe is designed in the classic Gen Z aesthetic--neutral colors, minimalist artwork, and eclectic decor. Aside from the comfy ambiance, the coffee menu choices are substantial as well. There are classic coffee blends, latte drinks, frappe, smoothies, lemonade and matcha recipe drinks that are popular with today's generation. 

I always order the Toffee Nut iced latte and Korean cream cheese bread on warm days. Their hot chocolate is distinctively good, so wonderful on rainy afternoons.

They have an al fresco set-up as well if you want to relax and just watch the world go by. If you are in the neighborhood, Brews and Bites is a wonderful place to unwind en route to your trip to the nearby talipapa or after Sunday church. 

Brews and Bites

MV Hechanova, Jaro, Iloilo City
Store hours: 10 am- 8 pm

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