The solution to any problem? Cat!

I'm a relentless cat person. I don't mind being called a crazy cat lady at all. It's a badge of honor to be loved by felines. Of all God's creatures, cats are purrfection and there's no single problem in life that can't be soothed by the gentle purring of a cat resting on one's lap or belly.

Ever since becoming a cat lady, I've been a hopeless collector of all things kitty-themed. Give me anything with a cat on it and I'll definitely buy it. I cannot resist, rawr!

This page is also on Instagram and on my spare time I love to endlessly scroll down looking for cute and funny cat videos. The IG algorithm probably knows I love cats too much that  my feed is full of sites selling cat merch or celebrity cats taking the Internet by storm. Talking of cat art, I was lucky to score the framed cat artworks  pictured above--Karma is a Cat, inspired by the ultimate cat lady of them all, Taylor Swift. Of  course there's  the cheeky artprint of Fat Cat Art featuring the dearly departed Zarathustra (bless his soul in Kitty Heaven). He is apparently doing his best imitation of The Scream by Edvard Munch. The chonky ginger kitty is screaming for tuna or maybe he is yawning. If you are into repro art check out Rustic Cottage  PH on Instagram for collectible art. Tell them I sent you!

This vase in the shape of a cat doing the downward kitty was sourced from SHEIN! All the while I thought  SHEIN was all about cheap, fast fashion. They are also a treasure trove of fun novelty treasures and decor. They are relatively cheaper than Shopee and LAZADA so SHEIN it is!  

The best enemies turned besties. These cats are actually sisters. Luna, the cat on the left is a temporary guest to keep Biscuit company after Macky passed away. Here they are in their Maneki Cat  neckwear. 

If you're a Daiso regular like me you have probably seen merchandise featuring the Guiness world record holder for being the most watched cat on YouTube- Motimaru (or Mochimaru). Check out his YouTube channel here

If you're not a cat lover, you'll probably turn into one after you're done reading this article. After all, cats are the cure-all!

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