Saying goodbye to my soulcat

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

-Charles Dickens

Early this month, I lost my beloved soulcat Macchiato "Macky" to a lingering illness that started September of last year.  Being an indoor male mixed breed Persian-Himalayan cat he  had a genetic disposition of developing urinary probelms. In Macky's case, he developed complete urinary blockage which required immediate perineal uresthromy surgery. Due to the complexity of his condition, he also underwent follow-up surgeries . He initially recovered from his first operation but eventually complications arose that resulted to a decline in his health. It breaks my heart that from a being luxuriously fluffy, pouffy cat he transformed into a skinny, sickly cat in a mother of months. Sadly, despite the intensive medical intervention and best care a meowmy could give, my sweet Macky crossed the rainbow bridge on my late Grandma's birthday. Macky could have turned 2 on April 4. Losing Macky was incredibly heartbreaking as I consider my time with him my life's happiest memory. Oh, to love this sweet kitty and be loved in returm! 

After Macky passed away at the vet clinic, I had him cremated immediately. The next day I collected his ashes and in memory of his cute, sweet face I had his ashes kept in a white cat shaped urn. I will always be reminded of how lucky I am to have Macky in my life even for such a short time.

Losing a pet is a devastating experience and it is quite difficult to move on from such loss. If you are grieving for a beloved pet, this article provides words of comfort. 

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