Wake me up when January ends

This strange phenomenon happening this January! Time seems to move soooo slowly. A lot of things have happened--my beloved cat died, so many events and activities at work, so many unexpected bills to pay and yet here we are, it still is January.  Please get out of my face already, dear January. We can't wait to move on to February, to  Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day to be exact.

I promised myself that I will be freewheeling and easygoing this year. Lessen the stress and just enjoy the things I love to do. Have long tea or coffee breaks (not at work though), gaze at the stars and the clouds more often, read more books, enjoy local places, save money and impose a moratorium on overseas travels. I look forward to getting that noise cancelling headphone and bed mattress I've been eyeing for a long time so I'm offloading Klook and KKDay from my devices in the meantime. 

So here's how my weekend went. Definitely saving some money by not going out and just enjoying life at home.

Charging my crystals on a hot, cloudless day! That's Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Aura Quartz

I live for blue, cloudless skies

Taho always makes my day! Just the right level of sweetness.

Late night perusing of books I bought six months ago. I definitely collect  books and don't read them. 


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