Macky turns one and gets to visit the Iloilo Esplanade 1

My himmie cat Macky turned one year old last April 2, 2023. Truly a wonderful occasion since that means I no longer have to worry about finding kitten food in the supermarket. Now, I can finally feed him adult cat food which is widely available! As a birthday treat, I brought him to Iloilo River Esplanade 1 for him to experience firsthand the fresh morning breezes and the wonderful feeling of walking on soft grass as he is entirely an indoor cat.

Macky's little foray into Iloilo River Esplanade 1 comes just in time when Iloilo City Government issued Executive Order No. 042 series of 2023 or "An Executive Order Providing Guidelines for the Use of All Iloilo River Esplanades" allowing people to bring their pets (as long as the pets are on a leash and you have to clean up after them). The indoor cat that he is, he was reluctant to walk around and explore his surroundings and just wanted to sit on the grass. He is also extremely shy as he is not exposed to a lot of hoomans! I think we need more Esplanade 1 adventures to coax him out of his shell, err cat carrier. I'm thinking of getting a pet stroller so I can walk him around with ease, comfort and safety. 

Iloilo River Esplanade 1 has a cute cafe that I always hang-out in al fresco when I get the chance. Since it was Macky's birthday, why not treat the hooman (that's me) to some super filling Full English Breakfast ? I'm a pescatarian but for the occasion I treated myself to beans on toast, 2 sunny-side up eggs, tomatoes and mushroom, ham, bacon and homemade sausage. Washed down with iced-tea (no hot coffee during these dry season months) for a satisfying breakfast experience. Afterwards, we headed home since the weather was getting warmer and the poor cat was visibly panting from the heat. Next time we should head out at the earliest cafe opening hour. 

Iloilo City is a pet friendly city. Enjoy the open spaces with your furbabies. For more tips how to enjoy pet life in the city, click here

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