Riverside views from Café Augusto

After an energetic run or meditative walk along the scenic 9-kilometer Iloilo River Esplanade and soaking in the heady scent of lush flowering trees and foliage along the way, one would crave for cool drinks, light snacks or an uplifting cup of coffee while watching the river sparkle with life. Walking around the Esplanade is especially inviting in the early morning and late afternoon when the southern sun sets the river ablaze with muted iridescence or playful pastel colors. 

As the pandemic is easing down (or up!), the Esplanade is once again open to the public and cafes are sprouting up as people spend more time outdoors to  reconnect with self and friends. Iloilo City has had a cafe renaissance of sorts with coffee kiosks or hole-in the wall coffee beaneries setting shop in the  most strategic and loveliest of places.

At the entrance of Esplanade 2 (adjacent to Emmanuel Business Center, Benigno Aquino Highway), Café Augusto, an eclectic style cafe serving yummy brunch has recently opened to cater to joggers and runners looking for a sweet spot to unwind. Traditional Ilonggo pastries and heritage dishes are served with your favorite cup of brew. Of course, there are also takeaway goodies to bring home baked by Panaderia de Molo and Yvonne's Cakeworks that are distinctively charming and memorable to the tastebuds, just like the City of Love.  For the cosmopolitan inspired, there are fresh croissants and scones to go with your brew.

Drop by the river and Café Augusto can just be the reason for you to come back again and again.

Café Augusto
Esplanade 2, Benigno Aquino Highway, Iloilo City
Shop hours: 6 am-9 pm daily

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