Cat birthday in a pet friendly cafe

Celebrating my cat's 1st birthday was a breeze! My busy schedule did not give me any free time to bake cat cookies or cake or even set-up a fancy cat birthday party at home. I'm really happy that all I had to do was send a DM to Sue's Cake Gallery messenger account to order a custom made picture cake that has Macky's adorable, squishable face on it. A six-inch yummy orange chiffon cake would just be the perfect cake to remember Macky's birthday. Unfortunately, the cake is only for hoomans and maybe a pet friendly cake can come later. Knowing my cat, a can of Sheba wet food is really his perfect idea of a birthday cake.

I had to look for  a pet friendly cafe in the city to gather a few friends for snacks and drinks. Guess what? The newest cafe in town that I've been wanting to visit happens to be pet friendly! How cool is that! It's like having your own cat cafe!  You can bring your furbabies while you enjoy delicious breads and refreshing drinks at How Now Cafe located at Citadines Amigo Plaza Hotel. It was sweltering hot day during Macky's birthday so I decided to leave him at home. Maybe next time when the weather gets a little cooler I can bring him along while I enjoy coffee and cake.

The cafe has short order items in the menu such as all-day breakfast meals, cakes and Korean style bread. The hot and cold coffee concoctions are perfect with the cakes. If you choose to go caffeine free, the refreshing milkshakes and coolers are satisfying and affordable.

Can't wait to go back to enjoy the rest of How Now Cafe's coffee menu. 

How Now Cafe
Ground Floor, Citadines Amigo
Conact no:917 848 4782

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