My top 10 delivery food finds on Grab and Foodpanda

Images from Akamon Ramen and respective owners

Before the pandemic quarantine struck, I never really cared for food delivery services. I’ve had horrible experience with food being delivered two hours late or my order getting lost along the way. Thanks to the advent of food delivery services like Grab and Foodpanda (and others I have failed to mention) having food delivered to your home and office is now lightning quick and GPS-precise. One can also choose from a variety of payment options as well. When the lockdown was imposed in March 2020, I was compelled to choose between stockpiling food, growing my own backyard eats  or order lutong bahay foods via home delivery. Of course, I would rather order food delivery instead of dodging the damn coronavirus in the wilderness. 

During the first few months of the lockdown, only a few restaurants such as Carlos Bakeshop were on the food delivery platform. On days when it’s impossible (read: lazy) to cook for decent meals, I would order comfort foods like dinuguan (pork blood stew) or callos.  Having my favorite meals delivered right at home somewhat saved staved off my pandemic induced anxiety since I realized won’t be dying of hunger in case I can’t go out to buy food.

A few more months after, the Grab and Foodpanda platforms were suddenly awashed with mik tea shops too numerous to induce a sugar coma. Likewise, a lot of restaurants offering diverse cuisines were also sprouting making decision making an arduous task. Nowadays, I order food delivery twice or thrice a week, trying out random food shops. It's a hit or miss, a trial and error or a regrets, regrets kind of thing. Based  on my 11 months or so of food delivery experience,  I have come up with my definitive list of value for money, value for taste buds online food shops. Here are my top 10:

1. Abraham's Chicken and Toast

Hands down, this is the  most value for money food service on delivery apps.  Aside from the fact that their Korean sweet chili glazed fried chicken tastes like the ones I tried in Seoul, their portions are also amazingly generous. I have lost count of the number of times I have ordered from this restaurant. It is also on my bucket list to try everything in their extensive menu. Call me a certified Abraham's addict if you will.

2. Kizuna Curry 

This is not your regular bright colored yellow (chicken) curry dish. This is Japanese curry that makes generic tonkatsu taste like heaven! The food photos and styling may not be that great (I normally don't like all brown colored food)  but believe me, the taste is up to par with CoCo Ichibanya. My picky nephew loves their tonkatsu so I can safely say it makes the grade. 

3. Sisig Express

When you are craving for a lusty meal of hot and spicy sisig, this is the food shop of choice. The sisig is good and bold and richly satisfying.  The shop is just a few  kilometers away from our house so the Foodpanda delivery guy appears at my doorstep faster than I can find my wallet. 

4. Akamon Ramen Bar

A good place to get my Japanese food fix at sensible prices. The ramen arrives steaming hot and everything is well packed. Ready to chow  goodness while I watch my fave J-drama. It's also a great office lunch choice since Akamon Ramen Bar at SM Strata is just nearby.


5. Buto't Balat

I miss dining Buto't Balat's garden veranda while savoring Ilonggo signature dishes like caldereta, crispy talong and bangus sisig. When the craving hits me, there's the food delivery app to turn to. The food arrives quickly too. Just add apple flavored beer and it's like old times once again!

5. Eduardo's Taqueria

This online shop by Chef Sal has a cult following. The Mexican dishes are authentic in taste and texture and I am always groaning or cursing in delight in  after every meal. This shop is the real deal!  This shop is not on Foodpanda or Grab and you have to visit their Facebook page  to order. The food is quite pricey but worth every freaking centavo.  Viva la Eduardo's Taqueria!

6.  Mr. Misono

An online fave just like Akamon Ramen. This is no nonsense Japanese food cooked and delivered fast! The bento meals are good for busy work at home days. 

8. Teriyaki Boy 

When I want to treat myself to a bit of premium Japanese food I order my favorite bento box meal from here. Always a treat for the tastebuds!

9. Carlos Bakeshop

My quarantine lifesaver!  When I was craving for their homey Ilonggo fast food dishes like Pancit Molo or Carlos' Spaghetti and chocolate dream cake, all I did was tap away on Grab Food. Instant gratification achieved!

10. Jollibee 

After spending 10 minutes on the food delivery app and I still can't decide on anything, there's good o'l Jollibee to the rescue. It's always a good choice for lazy weekends!

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