Hola Plantita!

There are no street dancing and merrymaking activities this Dinagyang weekend due to the pandemic. It's eerily quiet and the mood is somber just like the downcast skies that have prevailed all week. Save for a few moments of sunshine, you would need a cup of your favorite brew or a slice of cake to brighten up the day. For me, a potful of flowers or a new glossy leafed plant would do the trick. Aside from its being Caturday, it's also a plantita kind of day. Yay!

After breakfast, my sister-law and teenage niece headed off to Plaza Jaro to check out the  plant fair. Right after December, as tradition would have it, the plaza would usually be  a noisy carnival of sorts filled with ukay-ukay merchandize, plant sales and exhibits, marble and ceramic markets and of course, the streetfood fare. This year, it's just all about plants, plants and more plants. I don't call myself a real plantita since my practical  interest in plants is usually limited to culinary herbs and flowering plants. I'm not into collecting expensive or rare plants either since I don't have the time or the budget for it. Every January, I just buy a few plants from the Jaro Plaza market that I can add to my herb or flower garden.

The Jaro Plaza plant fair has a plant for every kind of gardener, plant enthusiast or die-hard plantita/plantito. You might just find the plant that will love you back.  Check the market out as soon as you can. Bring lots of cash as the temptation will be great. Resistance will be futile.

The Jaro Plaza Plant Fair runs from January to February 6, 2021.

Update: Extended until February 15, 2021. 

There is a plant for every kind of plantito or plantita

Stroll slowly and buy fast

Foliage is the new flower

Orchids for the intermediate and advanced plantita

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