K-drama (한국드라마) feels in the city

Iloilo River Esplanade vis -a- vis  Hangang Park in Yeouido, Seoul

Dreaming of having corn dog with Han Ji-Pyeong? Traveling to the land of  K-drama and kimchi is next to impossible as of the moment but one can have a taste of k-drama playfulness in the city. 

1. The Iloilo River is the city's counterpart to the chilly Han River in Seoul. Walk, jog or bike along the 8.1 kilometer brickstone paved Iloilo River Esplanade which is composed of 6 segments traversing the Iloilo River area. From sunrise to sunset, the clean waterways, lush vegetation and rapidly changing skyline are a romantic sight. A beautiful pastel sky can be seen on most days. This place is perfect if you need to de-stress or clear your mind. You may whisper (or scream) your frustrations, heartaches or confessions of unrequited love to the calm, tranquil river.

2. Stop for a brew or bite at The Traveling Cafe (just like the coffee truck you see in k-dramas) at the Diversion Road area. The Hangang Park in Yeouido, Seoul has cheerful ahjummas who operate cute coffee carts offering canned iced coffee to park-goers. While you may never find ambulant vendors in the Esplanade itself, you may find them at the entrance offering quick drinks or refreshments. Ube pandesal anyone?
3.  Grab a bowl of fresh ramyun and bibimbap at Assi Fresh Plaza while watching the busy, corporate life at Iloilo Business Park go by. Located at BPO Building A beside a 7-11 combi store, the  Korean grocery and cafe sells home supplies, snacks, K-pop merch and yes, it even has a Seoul Cafe that serves good Korean dishes and drinks. Cheers!

4. Be a K-beauty in the city. No need to shop online for Koreans cosmetics as you can find shops like Nature Republic, The Face Shop and pop-up shop Aigoo Cosmetics in the popular malls in the metropolis. Remember, a beauty skin mask keeps the blahs away!

5. Stay home and watch K-drama. How about K-food on demand! How cool is that? Just tap or swipe away on Grab Food or Foodpanda mobile app for a dizzying array of Korean restaurants to choose from! Care for Tteokboki and peach soju?

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