The year of slow living

I love January- this time of the year when the temperature drops to the mid-twenties and cozy cardigans can be worn again. In the evenings, a cup of warm cocoa makes for the perfect nightcap. The cooler weather makes me want to to cuddle with my cats, listen to the slow, dreamy music of Lullatone or handwrite an overdue letter in a kawaii stationery set bought from Daiso. This time of the year also puts me in subtle, reflective mode as I plan for aimless pursuits or purposeful wanderings. 

I'm not into thematic experiences but after the horrible year that was 2020, I plan to live my life with more depth and feeling. Enough of the Ground Day existence. The theme for this year is slow living. Inspired by the slow food movement ignited by Carlos Petrini in 1986, I intend to do things as slowly and lovingly as I can like a cook simmering a delicious pot of stew on a woodfired stove. What will this all give me? Maybe a sense of peace or appreciation for the unhurried life where you get to notice beautiful movements, nuances or maybe discover new shades of color. 

 I will see how this little slow life experiment will go. In the meantime, Happy February!

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