Back to nature, back to Casitas de Palma

Just like that, I’m back at Casitas de Palma for the weekend!

A quick escape to the mango tree island is just the best thing to do if you're tired of being slow cooked by the sweltering heat. On days when the heat threatens to fry your insides, being surrounded by trees, vegetation and staycationing in an air-conditioned hobbit house is just a literal breath of fresh air. In between hours when the heat index is at its peak,  enjoy the art of being lazy. Have coffee. Read a book. Listen to your favorite music. Sleep. Do nothing. Enjoy the sound of the crickets in the evening. 

I enjoy the oasis that is Casitas de Palma. In this semi wilderness of inexhaustible heatwave and urban weariness, I find my happy place. 

Till then, we dream of rainy days. 


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