Woodland weekend at Casitas de Palma

Dreaming of cozy evenings by the campfire? Guimaras Island affords a quick escape from the city for a nature filled getaway. I’ve been wanting to do “glamping” for the longest time and Casitas de Palma in Brgy. Tamburong in San Lorenzo, Guimaras is the closest campground to offer that experience. 

Last weekend, I treated myself and a friend to a playful woodland weekend staycation at Casitas de Palma for a much needed nature trip to celebrate my birthday month with all it’s autumnal inspiration.  I rented a tiny hobbit cabin which came with its own grass covered rooftop lounge, wooden bridge  and a meandering, bubbling brook. Just in front of our cabin  was a log picnic table which was a perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon snack of Casitas Cafe nachos, soda and hot cocoa. It was also cozy spot to enjoy a book that I purchased from the recently concluded Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Five o’clock in the afternoon would have to be the magical hour in the woodland valley as the sky turns into a carpet of gold and crimson. Birds start chirping among the mountain trees and nocturnal insects start singing. Chirping cicadas make the most relaxing white noise!  At around six o’clock in the evening, the staff of the Casitas started building a tall bonfire from  twigs and branches gathered from around the 3 hectare property. 

While listening to Bing Crosby's classic Christmas songs on our portable speaker,  we enjoyed watching the bonfire being meticulously built. There's nothing more relaxing than seeing embers fly through the air like fireflies and hearing the crackling of wood fire. In the distance the waning gibbous moon shed its lovely light and stars started peeping from the cosmic mantle. Being  nestled in an enchanting woodland valley while being warmed by gently crackling bonfire feels so wonderful!

We enjoyed the bonfire for a good forty minutes. A few minutes later it started to drizzle and we climbed up to the Casitas Cafe for a hearty meal of homestyle Bicol Express and rice. Later we retreated to our cute hobbit cabin in Middle-earth that is Guimaras Island. 

Our room was simple, comfortable and so conducive to restful sleep.  We woke up early in the morning greeted by glistening sunlight peeping through the tiny windows.  After an energizing shower of cold, mountain water we trekked back to the Casitas Cafe for  free breakfast that came with our accommodation.

We spent the rest of the morning enjoying the  rustic simplicity of surrounding attractions like the fishing cottage and pond. We also took some fun pictures with the A frame houses as backdrop. Also, a nature trip would not be complete without a tree hug! 

The rest of the morning was spent just soaking in the view and taking in all the good healing energy that the great outdoors provide. At 2 pm, we checked out of our little hobbit cabin which we know we will surely miss. Ground transportation was provided by the Casitas for a fee. In no time, we were back in Iloilo City  with bodies recharged and spirits renewed.

Overall, it was a short and sweet staycation and we can't wait to go back!

Brgy Tamborong, Jordan, Guimaras
Mobile: +967 2 315 752

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