Trappist Cafe: Coffee and contemplation

One of the must-visit places if you're visiting Guimaras Island is the Trappist Monastery in Jordan municipality. It is home to the monks of Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. I have visited this monastery many times in the past when my mom was still alive and it has given me spiritual refuge when the tempests of life leaves me vulnerable, weak and drained.  A visit to the chapel for introspection, contemplation and nuggets of spiritual advice from the Cistercian brothers always renews one's spirit. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, inter-island travel came to a halt and I have not visited ever since. My very recent travel to Casitas de Palma gave me the chance to once again visit the monastery even for just a short while. 

To my dismay, the old Trappist Monastery gift shop I knew was no longer existent!  The  doors were bolted and locked and it looked like it has fallen into decrepit.  I felt a surge of panic and sadness as monastic products like bakery and jam  products were goodies that I had to bring home everytime I visit the mango province. I simply can't go home empty handed!

We discovered that adjacent to the chapel is a new building that houses the Trappist gift shop and behold, a Trappist Cafe! From a  bamboo hut gift shop in the 90's, the Trappistines have indeed grown and evolved their enterprise for sustenance and dedication to the Lord's work. Talk about progress in the Lord's vineyard!

The new building that houses the Trappist gift shop and cafe were designed in the style reminiscent of European Cistercian architecture. Gray, somber brick walls, high ceilings and  dark wooden furniture devoid of superfluous ornamentation were evident. True to the Cistercian way of life, churches and abbeys should be simple enough to not distract one from prayer and contemplation.

We regret we  did not have time to sit down for a cup of coffee as our schedule did not permit but nevertheless we filled our baskets with take away goodies to be enjoyed and savored at home. If you're a coffee connoisseur, you should be familiar with Monk's Blend Premium Coffeea product of Transfiguration Monastery, a Catholic Benedictine Monastery in Malaybalay, Bukidnon famous for their mountain grown coffee. Trappist Cafe uses that blend for their hot and iced coffee preparations and recipes. 

I should go back another time to have coffee at Trappist Cafe as one should be unhurried and unfettered by the evils of urban busyness.  Once in a while, one should contemplate life over a cup of mountain grown coffee amidst the stillness of a monastery.  Drinking coffee in such setting is contemplation in action. 

Oh, the cafe's coffee menu is extensive so methinks many scheduled visits to the Trappist Cafe should be in order!  I would love to try  every hot or iced coffee blend in the menu especially the Mango Matcha Mamboo which I'm sure tastes divine!

Guimaras, my Middle-earth! I will be back soon! In the meantime, eat, drink coffee and pray.


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