Forward March

February rolled by so swiftly, a contrast to how painfully long January was. It's my  favorite time of the year as the weather is cool and mellow. For two weeks in a year, we get to enjoy below 30C weather which is quite a welcome break from the usual 34C temperature we live with all year long. It’s also a month for planting seeds of hope dreams. 

I finally had a potting shed built to house all my garden tools and garden related curios. The neighborhood cat visits once in a while to bask in warm sunshine or climb our giant Bushida tree. He gets to hang out in the tiny garden shed which is delightful.This year,I vow to spend more time outdoors so creating an enjoyable outdoor space is a priority. The next project would have to be a corner  vegetable garden to grow edible crops. Since I cook on my own, having my own vegetable/herbal garden would be a first step towards sustainability. Now onward to March!

In the meantime here are some random weekend projects...

Weekends are awesome for sunset chasing. Once in a while, a beautiful lavender hued sunset makes a grand display. It reminds me of Taylor Swift’s song Lavender Haze.

After extending my Photobook voucher three times, I finally got to finish my photobook of an autumn trip to Tokyo last November. 

Built a doll house cat house "Snow White and the Seven Cats"

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