My comfort food in the city of good eats

It's difficult to not think of food all the time when you live in a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy like Iloilo City. Aside from the homegrown Ilonggo dishes and delicacies that have titillated the palates of both local and foreign visitors, there's also a myriad of food choices available for people who crave a certain cuisine or are nostalgic about flavors that they associate with youthful, happy times. Notably, Pinoys love to eat but Ilonggos have an even deeper relationship with food. A certain dish  may remind them of their grandmother's cooking in the dapog (dirty kitchen), all the while conjuring a string of happy memories. Likewise, a dish may remind a person of favorite cities and countries travelled locally and abroad. Truly, there's nothing like food to open up a magical baul (treasure chest) of memories. 

We all have our comfort food to turn to when we want our bodies and spirits to feel bolstered. My favorite comfort foods are not necessarily homegrown but I do crave them regularly as I have a preference for certain flavor profiles:

1. Authentic Chicken Mandi Biryani and Chicken Tikka Masala from Mong’s Kitchen
2. Full English Breakfast from Cafe Augusto
3. Ramen ftom Hakata Ramen Bar
4.Dimsum and Salted Egg Calamares from Spring Palace

What about you? What’s  your favorite comfort food?

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