Ramen bowl for the soul

After a tiring work week, I would drop by our neighborhood Japanese eatery along Mac Arthur Highway in Jaro district to find solace and regain strength in a bowl of noodles. Hakata Ramen Bar is a small dining spot with an open kitchen and bar stool counter perfect for solo dining. Just like a cup of coffee savored on a cold rainy day, there is something about a steaming bowl of seafood ramen that soothes the soul. Paired with a plate of gyoza and washed down with a glass of ice-cold Hakata ale or matcha latte, the perfect meal ends with a pat in the tummy. “ Grabe, busog busog ko ba!” (Whoa, I’m so stuffed!)

I have tried every dish on the menu but my favorite remains to be Ramen Nagi (Black squid ink ramen) paired with Hakata ale. Wonderfully satisfying. Truly an antidote to the distress of the world. ありがとうございます!

Hakata Ramen Bar
JDI Bldg, Mac Arthur Highway, Jaro Iloilo City
Store hours: 10 AM- 10 PM

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