10 ways to beat El Nino dry season without losing your cool

The dry season (Pagasa weather bureau does not refer to it as summer) is particularly blistering this year with El Nino phenomenon rearing its ugly head. With heat indices in Iloilo reaching 44C, it’s definitely a brutal season for many especially for heat intolerant folks like myself. Everybody dreads the humidity and the heat that triggers all sorts of bodily ailments and irritable situations. How do breeze through this season without losing our sanity? 

1. Take a cool shower  twice  or thrice a day if it is possible. This is the fastest way to keep our system cool and free from overheating. Try products like Human Nature cooling body cleansers for a refreshing twist.

2.  Slather on the sunscreen and wear a hat!

3. Keep hydrated! On particularly hot days, drinking electrolyte added water like Pocari Sweat helps replace lost salts and minerals due to excessive sweating.

4. Treat yourself to your favorite cold drinks like iced coffee, juices and slushes.

Cheap but yummy popsicle treat from Aice Ice Cream

The best strawberry bingsu in town is from Cafe Seoul. Available on Grab Food. 

They say Filipinos drink hot coffee even on hot days. Not in this crazy weather. Affogato is the best alternative if you are craving caffeine. CPlex Cafe near Jaro Plaza serves amazing affogato. 

5. Activities  that require strenuous effort such as exercise should be done early morning or late evening. Haha, avoid all strenuous activities altogether. It's a season to be laaazzzzy!

6. Invest in a portable misting handheld fan to stay cool wherever you are.  Cooling blankets, mats and products such as Biore cooling mists and body sheets are especially helpful. 

7.  Install windchimes such as Japanese furin in your garden or balcony to enjoy the cooling, gentle ringing sounds. Bamboo chimes have a cooling effect as well.

8.  Wear light colored, comfortable clothing made of cotton fabric. Of course, the dry season is a reason to wear flip flops, yay!

9. Flowers are abloom so safely enjoy outdoor  picnics under a cool shady tree. Be mindful of staying outdoors when UV level and heat indices are high. There is no reason to be miserable this season. Warmer weather can have its perks!

10.  Budget permitting, the best way to escape the dry season for urban dwellers  is to hie off to cooler destinations like mountain retreats (and the malls if you don’t have aircon at home). 

 In the meantime, enjoy the dry season. Stay cool!

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