Cat cafe stories

I love cat cafes! My first cat cafe experience was at Company of Cats located at Mosque Street in Singapore. There I met my cat soulmate named Mags. For some reason, I felt a very strong connection to her. She was at the door welcoming me and she was just her pure, sweet, friendly self. The cafe eventually closed and one time  I read in their FB page that sweet Mags had passed away. I felt so sad as I have never met a cat so sweet as Mags even if I only got to spend an hour at the cafe. They had a little gift shop and I got myself some cute figurines as souvenir. Ahh, Mags. You will will always be remembered. 

In Myeongdong, South Korea while exploring the shopping alleys, I bumped into a man wearing a cat suit holding some flyers. The winter wind suddenly blew and the flyers came flying down (that's probably the reason why it's called a flyer). To my delight, he was promoting a cat cafe just a few steps away. Without hesitation, I visited the Cat Cafe and had an absolutely lovely time. It was a very pretty cafe decorated in pink pastel colors and cute, cozy furnishings.  The cats were absolutely dreamy. I got to play with them as I enjoyed my fruit juice drink. I also got some very nice photos with the cats that I treasure up to this day.

I really enjoyed my cat cafe experiences abroad that I wished Iloilo City could also have a cat cafe even if it’s just a simple one. Fast forward to 2023. Before the year ended, Iloilo City's first cat cafe opened hence the name Uno Cat Cafe. I had an early evening coffee date with my bestie so we could check out the cats and the menu selections.

Compared to the cat cafes I have visited, Uno Cat Cafe is in the fine dining scale and the interiors are lush and very Pinteresting. As we arrived quite late, much of the crowd favorite snack items  have sold out so we settled for a proper dinner instead. The food was fabulous and we really enjoyed the customer service. The staff were very attentive to the needs of the diners. Quite a departure from the so-so customer service which Ilonggo diners are quite accustomed to. 

After our dinner, I tried to get into the cat play area but there was a waiting list. I just opted to take photos of the cats through the clear glass windows as we were in a hurry. We will surely be back as we want to see the cats up close and try their snack menu. Good one Uno Cat Cafe! Thank you for making my cat cafe wishes come true!


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