Still fumbling for loose change while commuting? Shift to tap to pay Panay Card!

Commuting in the City of Love is relatively easier compared to that of megacities. Despite a few traffic bottlenecks here and there you can still decently arrive to and from work in less than an hour if you live in the suburbs.The addition of modernized jeepneys or minibuses as I prefer to call them has indeed added a breath of comfort to an otherwise tiring commute. The buses are air-conditioned, have piped-in music (some even have TV) music and have fewer stops. Best of all,  with the introduction of tap to pay Panay Card another layer of convenience and comfort has been unlocked. No more digging into your bag or pocket for loose change or taking out your wallet in a crowded ride.  The last thing you'd want to happen if  you're in a SRO situation is lose your wallet while on transit! 

You can purchase a pre-loaded Panay Card for Php at the Festive Mall transport hub for Php 100. You can reload the card at the hub as well. It's easy to track your card balance as the receipt shows your remaining balance everytime you tap for payment. Easy huh?

For more info about Panay Card, visit their Facebook page. Tap the card. Take your seat. Enjoy the ride!

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