Staycation at Cozy Homestay in an Attic Studio

Fancy a quiet pajama party or self-care chill time?

An Airbnb is a good alternative to pricey hotels if you want a staycation or just a change of scenery. And why would we want a change of scenery when we are already in our comfort zones? Sometimes we need to focus on completing a personal project like an art or craft project, a space to meditate or contemplate or just to work or study without any distractions. Sliding into your comfortable bed and falling asleep is the last thing you need.

There are lots of good Airbnb accommodations in Iloilo City (mostly condominium studios) to choose from depending on your budget and mood. There is one Superhost Airbnb accommodation worth checking out. Cozy Homestay in an Attic Studio is the perfect millennial boho style room that is wonderfully spacious, super clean and comfortable. I booked a stay several months ago and truly enjoyed the cozy setting and natural wood aesthetic. There were plenty of self-help books to read so my stay was very chill, relaxing and good for the soul. I need to start writing the first few pages of my novel so another booking at the Attic Studio should be in order soon. 

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