My cat's staycation at Yukimito Pet Hotel and Boutique


Sepanx (separation anxiety for non-millennials) no more  as the first pet hotel Yukimito Pet Hotel and Boutique in Iloilo City has opened last October 2022 to cater to furkids whose furparents have to go on business or personal travel. Difficult as it is to leave your pet dog or cat at home with no one to look after them, you have to resort to strategies such as paying/bribing family members (that happened to me) and friends to look out for your beloved cats and dogs.  It's hard to enjoy a local or overseas vacation when all you can think about are your pets and the worst case scenario that could happen to them like starving or getting into an accident. 

I'm really happy Yukimito Pet Hotel has opened their doors to accommodate  furkids for errands care (1-4 hours), daycare (5-10 hours) and home care (overnight). I wish they opened earlier though (like years before) because a pet hotel service is really in demand.

The pet boarding rates differ based on the package and size of your pet. I went on an island trip just recently and true to form, I have no one to look after my precious cat Macchiato. Thank God there is Yukimito pet hotel!


Macky in his hotel room outfitted with a comfy bed, water and food dish, scratch pole and a shelf he can perch on

The best part of Yukimito Pet Hotel's service are the thoughtful, caring and attentive staff who regularly provide status updates of their beloved pets

So take that much needed and well deserved vacation as Yukimito will be there to take care of your precious furkids. Contact them on Facebook for a fast and easy transaction.

Yukimito Pet Hotel and Boutique
Winston Bldg., Q Abeto St.,  Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Contact number: 09155712695

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