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I have been blogging (when Blogger was still with Pyra Labs) and journaling as far as I can remember. For me, bits and pieces of life are worth recording and the ephemera of thoughts are what gives meaning to our days and years. When thoughts, feelings and ideas are cemented into an understandable whole, patterns arise and life becomes a bit more predictable which is a good thing.  

Journaling takes many forms and is is both thematic in both digital and traditional formats. Topics and themes are usually compartmentalized as we delve deeper into a particular subject. Food. Religion. Relationships. K-drama. They all deserve their own own journal don't they?

I love the digital side of journaling- the write, edit and press publish or delete button. There's nothing more exhilarating than seeing your blog post go live and out of the 7.96 billion people out there, some sad soul might actually be reading your senseless thoughts in cyberspace. There is also the unexpected catharsis of writing a kilometric entry only to delete it afterwards. The human mind has never been so fickle.

On the other hand, the seduction of a paper journal still holds its allure. The warm feel of paper and the steady push of the pen as you navigate your thoughts on a blank page pushes you think more clearly as the option of having to erase your thoughts on paper is not an option unless you are using a Frixion pen. In between the doodles and the bad penmanship, a paper journal still holds its charm.

Recently, I had the luck of finding Skit Books, an online a shop that sells all the journals, logbooks and planners of my dreams! I'm especially thrilled that the journals cater to a wide variety of interests and subjects--from anime to mindfulness. A K-drama journal too! How sweet. 

Skit Books PH  journals have thematic prompts that will get you writing about your favorite subject in no time! Best of all, the shop ships nationwide. 

Skit Books on Instagram:

Skit Books

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