Happy at work (as long as there is coffee)

I love cofee. At home I love preparing my own brew via my retro style Baumann espresso machine or through my Rilakkuma themed drip coffee set. Any which way, coffee makes my day! At work when things get busy and I  want a cup of caffeinated goodness iced coffee is the way to go! As much as possible, l always want my iced coffee sugar free and I ditch the dairy for almond or soy milk. 

I don't have a particular/singular  coffee house that I patronize. As there are a lot of coffee shops offering take-away and pick-up, it's fun to try them all out! Here are some of the must-try coffee shops to call for that instant caffeine pic-me-up:

1. Coffee Brewtherhood
2. Monkey Grounds Coffee
3. Starbucks
4. Neighbor Coffee
5. But First, Coffee

What about you? Do you have any particular local coffee brand that you enjoy at work. Tell us about it!

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