Al fresco delights at CINCO Cafe

Do you like plants? Do you like coffee? Then you would love hanging out in the garden cafe of CINCO, a neighborhood hotspot located at Gran Plains Subdivision in Jaro district. Lush plants greet you as you enter the sanctuary like garden. The place is small and intimate yet very serene- a secret garden if you will for those who want to sip their iced coffees in private. An ideal date place for friends and lovers and plant lovers especially.

Cafe comfort food like grilled cheese, pizza  and pasta make up the simple menu. I love a cafe menu that is straightforward and familiar. There's nothing more satisfying than melty grilled cheese washed down with iced Americano. That and between bites of homemade pizza, the cafe life is just best enjoyed al fresco.

Block 6 Lot 4 Phase 5 Daffodils St. 
Gran Plains Subd. Jaro, Iloilo City
Shop hours: 2 pm- 10 pm, Wednesdays to Sundays

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