Cool and cozy countryside views at Dafalongs Garden Cafe

If you're longing for fresh country breezes, lush greenery and unobstructed view of verdant hills and plains, take a long road trip to Northern Iloilo and visit Dafalongs Garden Cafe and Mini Park in Brgy. Bagacay in  San Dionisio. San Dionisio is a 100-kilometer drive from Iloilo City and if you're planning to go, it's best to leave early to soak in the beauty of neighboring towns.

Dafalongs Garden Cafe and Mini Park is located right along the national highway so it's not hard to miss. Upon entry, you will be greeted by a cozy, cabin style cafe made of handcrafted, homegrown wood in rustic, bespoke interiors. From the flooring to the exposed wooden beams and trusses, the cafe in itself is a work of art.  Enjoy the  360 degree views with a cup of native iced coffee or  locally sourced brewed coffee served in charming, farm inspired enamel or sartin coffee cups. Pair it with a slice of rich brownies or cake that the owner bakes herself. The best thing I love about the cafe is that it is a safe place to enjoy in the safety bubble of your family or friends without worrying about indoor coronavirus transmission. The cafe is the closest thing to dining outdoors with non-stop breezes and cool air. Now if only I can bottle the country air and take it home! If you plan to visit, send a reservation thru their  Facebook page. You can also make inquiries and reservation about plants and landscaping materials available for sale.

A carpet grass sofa and table focal point surrounded by a lotus and water hyacinth pond

If you're an aspiring urban gardener or one with garden real estate, Dafalongs Mini Park is an excellent place to get inspired. The owner has a keen eye for stunning landscape design and elements.

The al fresco portion of Dafalongs Garden cafe where you can enjoy the surrounding flowers and tropical plants while savoring their food and drink offerings

Fiddle leaf plants (yes, it's available for sale) meet your gaze as you look at the mountain which was once Panay Island's most beautiful. The mountain is recovering its lushness after it was battered by Typhoon Yolanda several years ago.

Landscaping and indoor plants for sale 

Soak in the view for peace and tranquility, far away from the hustle ad bustle of city life

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