Vintage treasure hunting at Japanese thrift shops

Color coded stoneware and ceramic plates to upgrade your tablescape

Nowadays, finding vintage collectible thrift items is as easy as visiting a local Japanese surplus shop. Iloilo City is home to two popular Japanese thrift shops- Domo-Domo Japanese Surplus and Akiko Japan-Iloilo. I equally love both shops as each carry their own unique assortment.

Akiko Japan-Iloilo is the place to go if you are looking for Japanese bicycles or mamacharis, Noritake and luxury branded tea sets, lacquered bento boxes,  Japanese culture home decor, furniture as well  as quirky curios. Meanwhile, Domo-Domo Japanese Surplus specializes in toys, plushies, anime and kawaii collectibles as well as vintage kitchenware, stoneware  and Japanese style furniture. I bought a few circa 1960-something items from the store and they still look good as new. Akiko Japan-Iloilo has weekly live selling sessions where you might just find the perfect item waiting for you. I've bought a few items from the live selling sessions. The trick on how to get your hand on the item you like is to have fast fingers since the first to type "Mine + item code+ price" in the comment box will get the item. 

Thrifting is serendipity in action since you don't find your vintage item, sometimes it finds you. Like true love, what is meant to be yours is yours! To get the best of the vintage lot, follow the Facebook pages of these shops and come early when they open. Take advantage of the seasonal sales when they happen. 

Happy vintage shopping!

Vintage pots and pans to complete a zakkastyle  kitchen aesthetic

Stoneware and ceramic tea and sake cups

Cute knick knacks  and pretty little things

Vintage toys, plushies and board games

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