Cat fancy at Iloilo Mega Book Fair

I have spoken about how much much I adore Purr and Scibs in my earlier posts. These are two homegrown brands that specialize in whimsical and cute cat themed  arts and crafts like hand drawn sticker sets, postcards, keychains and other special edition gift items. They were one of the vendors having a pop-up booth at the recently concluded Iloilo Mega Book Fair. 

Scibs recently launched a stray cats range featuring felines like ginger, tabby, tuxedo, calico as well as black and white cats. Stray Cats aim to highlight the plight of homeless felines that also deserve a warm, loving home just like their pedigreed fellows. Too bad I was only able to visit the fair on the last day and all the stray cats merch were sold out!

Purr on the other hand had all of their adorable stickers available and I was able  to get my hands on their everyday cats series.  Too cute! If you love cat stuff, give these wonderful creators a visit on their social media pages. There will always be something catastic to brighten your day!

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